Real Estate SEO Success by Timothy Nishimura

Real Estate SEO Success by Timothy Nishimura

Real Estate SEO Success by
Timothy Nishimura

Creating An SEO Strategy...

It Sucks.

Hey, Timothy Nishimura here, and it’s frankly no surprise that many successful Realtors® have difficulty gaining traction with marketing. 

Following highly regarded experts online tends to result in conflicting advice on marketing and brand positioning, and ultimately creating more confusion.

You deserve clarity and a path forward, not more information to process. Particularly with something as potentially valuable to your business as SEO.

You shouldn’t need a Computer Science degree to benefit from an SEO optimized website that delivers results in an up or down market.

You have enough on your plate as it is!

Together, we apply current best practices into an actionable Real Estate SEO strategy that’s right for you. 

If you’re ready to invest in your business and dominate your local market with authority, reach out to me to find out if you qualify for an SEO Audit credit. 


From This View
To Street View

Once you think you have a great idea, it's time to test your awesome strategy in the real world.

You will be surprised at what actually drives new opportunities in your business.
Hey, it's Timothy Nishimura. Did you make it this far? Awesome! Usually, there's a couple of columns of links here, followed by an About Us teaser, and social media links. In lieu of these things, I thought it might be nice to write a long, meandering block of copy similar to the vanity cards of Chuck Lorre. This is my third vanity card. When I was five, Kirk Gibson gave me the early birthday gift of a high fly ball to right field in Game 1 of the World Series. In the previous NLCS against the Mets, I had turned to my Dad and stated that I wanted to be a Dodgers fan. He offered me VERY serious look that underscored the importance of his next words. Saying something to the effect of, "When you choose a team, that's your team for life. Win or lose." So, from that moment, I officially joined the ranks of those that bleed Pantone #294. My Dad loved baseball, he always talked about how it was a game of strategy, a mental contest as much as it was physical. He was a tough SOB. He once caught a home run ball with his bare hands hit from Tony Gwynn during batting practice. This was in the same right field pavilion that Kirk Gibson had placed an instantly historic baseball, that has sadly been missing in action ever since it left his bat. He once refused to allow me to accept box seat tickets to a game because I had a Little League game the same day. Our team (The Mets) were in the basement of the CNLL standings, and my participation would have likely made no difference. So it goes. My dad would always drive to Dodger Stadium using the back route over by Elysian Park, never via Sunset. He was a walking Thomas Guide, that man. I was heartbroken like the kid that asked Shoeless Joe to say it wasn't so when Mike Piazza was traded. My Dad chalked it up to the standard career trajectory for catchers, and had hopes we would quickly rebuild. The Dodgers were leaders in talent development, after all. But sadly, the old man was wrong. That particular move was a mistake. Watching his post-Dodgers career and to see him enter the HOF as a Met was bittersweet. He’s still family, after all. Some time between the moment that I tried on the 1969 World Series ring belonging to former Miracle Met, Rod Gaspar (a kind gesture of Mr. Gaspar, it must be noted), and Julio Urias' final strike delivered in 2020, I became transfixed on the idea that our beloved Dodgers should win at least once more for my father's sake. Sadly, this did not happen as I had hoped, but I know he was next to me, night in and night out, on the couch, coaxing fly balls over the outfield fences and inside the foul poles. RIP Pops.

Wouldn't Change Nothing (Video)

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Pappardelle or Cavatappi?

People often limit their thinking to the choices presented, or chase the new buzzworthy item (cavatappi is the new elbow macaroni, btw). Coupled with a growing tendency towards absolutes, valuable opportunites get ignored.

While some scenarios have fixed choices, most situations have creative solutions to uncover.

How do I get the word out about my business?

A: Form a media strategy that elevates above scattershot posting and sharing into intentional, direct engagement from owned media channels and social.

Shawn C. Carter’s 1997 comparative analysis of the processes used in both the entertainment and illicit commodities markets revealed a bottleneck in his sales funnel, later addressed with the bold acquisition of Aspiro and WiMP in 2014.


Do You Have a Favorite Font?

Globally, many parents do in fact have a favorite child. The ones who admit that openly also tend to have one child. 

Similarly, a font is a specific size and weight of particular typeface. 12pt Azkidenz-Grotesk Regular is a font. Azkidenz-Grotesk BQ is a typeface. Hard to choose a favorite.

Having a favorite font would be similar to a parent favoring your brother at the age of 11. Oddly specific if you ask me. But when in doubt, Times Newer Roman 12pt

zen & the art of 808's & HEARTBREAK

The I Miss the Old Kanye caucus formed shortly thereafter the release of 808’s.

The autotune!

The titular synthesized drums!

The passage of time didn’t heal, so much as it revealed the depth of his ambitions and musicality.

Takeaway: It’s not easy to pivot from a successful formula. Especially when success piles up on your doorstep. Check-in with yourself regularly.

So, what do you do here exactly?

I type pithy witticisms for public consumption, and deliver fresh perspectives like the morning newspaper (5:30AM, on a bicycle, avoiding neighborhood dangers like gargoyles, unleashed dogs and rolling tires.)

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Selected Work

Cover Remixes

One of my favorite design challenges is creating new artwork for existing songs. The process of taking something with an existing design language begins with breaking down the material into components and arranging them on a tabula rasa.